Cardboard And Caviar: Documenting Homelessness In London’s Bourgeois Boroughs

Buzzfeed, November 2015

Andy Palfreyman is 51 years old, wears a feathered hat, and smokes a pipe. His mum was a postwoman and his dad a soldier. At 16, he saved his earnings to go travelling around Europe for three years; when he returned, at 19, he became homeless. He’s now been off the streets for just over two months.

“I basically became homeless by not living up to Mother’s expectations,” Palfreyman tells me over coffee that he insists on paying for. “I wanted to live life my way.” He was cut off from his parents, and discovered years later that they had both died, as had his brother and sister, in the space of three years. “That screwed me up for a bit. … But time is a healer,” he says…

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